Meeting Future Couples

Meeting future couples

Despite the rain, cold and snow I look forward to this time of year as it’s the time when I meet up with couples who are planning future weddings and celebrations. It’s usually the first opportunity that we have to meet face to face after weeks or months of emails and phone calls.

I feel that this is such an important time for them and me. It’s all very well communicating electronically but there is just no substitute for meeting up in person, discussing plans and preferences and starting to get a final plan decided upon. It is also exciting as we can really begin to look forward to the great event and get to know one another as friends.

As a qualified celebrant and a member of the UK Fellowship of Professional Celebrants, I am also thrilled that I will be conducting several symbolic ceremonies. The beauty of a symbolic ceremony is that it can be anything that you want. Any time, any location and using entirely your own words to express your love for one another. How wonderful is that?



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