Meeting Future Couples

Meeting future couples

Despite the rain, cold and snow I look forward to this time of year as it’s the time when I meet up with couples who are planning future weddings and celebrations. It’s usually the first opportunity that we have to meet face to face after weeks or months of emails and phone calls.

I feel that this is such an important time for them and me. It’s all very well communicating electronically but there is just no substitute for meeting up in person, discussing plans and preferences and starting to get a final plan decided upon. It is also exciting as we can really begin to look forward to the great event and get to know one another as friends.

As a qualified celebrant and a member of the UK Fellowship of Professional Celebrants, I am also thrilled that I will be conducting several symbolic ceremonies. The beauty of a symbolic ceremony is that it can be anything that you want. Any time, any location and using entirely your own words to express your love for one another. How wonderful is that?



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Celebrate with Pride

Declare your love and commitment in your own style! A Corfu symbolic ceremony is just perfect as each ceremony is as unique and individual as you are. It should reflect who you are as people and how you wish to live your lives and can be tailored to your own wishes, style and personalities.

We respect and embrace everyone as individuals and welcome you to Corfu! Only a 3(ish!) hour flight away to Greek summer sunshine and a relaxed, stress free fun celebration. What’s not to like?

Celebrate your civil partnership with pride by sharing a same sex blessing or a commitment ceremony in an uber cool Corfu location.

Renewal of Vows Corfu

I’m saying “I do” again in 20 mins…

Why not renew your special wedding vows in the most relaxed way possible? Whilst you are on holiday!

Re-live the love and emotion of your wedding day under the Corfu sun. Imagine the tears of joy when you both say “I do” again.

Maybe, it’s a special anniversary, a time to re-declare your commitment to each other, maybe even a hugely romantic spur of the moment thing! It might be just a simple but emotional ceremony for the two of you, or a celebration with family and friends.

Whatever the reason, just do it. Life’s too short not to!

Lights dimmed, tissues ready…

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Emotionally drained is an understatement, as the wedding DVD goes viral amongst family and friends, I can’t stop watching it and I’m only the wedding planner! This could give a new dimension to screen viewing on Christmas Day, Boxing Day, never mind Hogmanay … it’s a  huge love story and we can’t get enough of it.

I just love my work!

Corfu Blessing

Lucky wedding couple, lucky me!

Sometimes you need to look at the whole wedding picture. Imagine the beauty of being married in a UNESCO heritage site! I’m thrilled to be assisting my super wedding couple who have a family holiday home here and are planning to be married in Corfu Town, a truly beautiful, romantic and dreamy setting. Only through considering their fortunate situation did I appreciate that actually, I was lucky too! Being able to help them with their dream wedding whilst living and working on this beautiful island.

Getting Married in Corfu

Corfu Wedding Wisdom

After a recent birthday, I described myself as being another year wiser, rather than think about the number of quickly passing years!

Recently, I’ve also been able to share knowledge, offer advice and provide support to wedding clients from as far afield as Australia, Poland and the USA. They feel so much more secure and relaxed and that has made me feel really happy.

So, I’ve begun to note some wedding wisdom here:

Feel the love, spread the love, remember life is short, carpe diem!

Happiness comes from when your work & words are of benefit to yourself & others – Buddha

Renewal of Vows, Symbolic Corfu

Heavenly Corfu Celebration

A glorious location for a romantic beach ceremony, with true Greek hospitality, peace and beauty all around, a natural dream, I was inspired to share this with you, it’s a heavenly place. Reminiscent of our days with Laskarina Holidays, this place is a “Laski” gem. Imagine it at sunset…watch this space!

Valentines Day

With this symbol of eternity, I give you my love for evermore. For all the days of my life, I promise to cherish you and adore you. With all of my heart, I promise to comfort you and support you. Together we will share times both good and bad, but hand in hand our dreams will come true.

As Valentines Day approaches, are you thinking of asking a special question?

A symbolic ceremony allows you to create your own personal vows to each other. How beautiful is that? Now imagine the ceremony setting in Corfu, in the olive groves, on the beach, by the pool…………..

You see, dreams can come true more easily than you think!

Corfu wedding

My love is like a red, red rose

Robbie Burns would appreciate that June is a very popular month to get married, especially on Corfu, and his romantic poem would ideally suit a Wedding or a Renewal of Vows ceremony. Just imagine the blue of the Ionian Sea and the skies above you as you say your vows of love surrounded by beautiful red roses.

Burns’ romantic poetry has influenced none other than the great Bob Dylan, who when asked for the source of his greatest creative inspiration, described the lyrics of “Red red rose” as having the biggest effect on his life.  You see, romance is alive and in all our hearts.

Wedding traditions in Greece

I am so pleased that many wedding couples now choose to include the traditional floral crowns of a Greek wedding in their ceremony.

The ‘Stefani” are circles of flowers symbolising the eternity of love and also the nobility of marriage.

A beautiful and meaningful addition to the ceremony and a reflection of the local ways.