Legal Civil Marriage in Corfu

Legal Civil Marriages in Corfu Town are conducted in the historic Ionian Parliament building in the UNESCO heritage site of old Corfu town. Marriages can also be performed in some local municipal offices outside Corfu Town. As these locations are far more simple and functional, they suit couples who are happy to complete the legal signing of paperwork there and then have a personal, symbolic wedding ceremony in front of gathered family and friends on the day, time, and location of their own choice.

The benefit of engaging our services for your Greek civil marriage is that you will be dealing with all the details and process on a personal and transparent basis, not with a mass market corporate organisation.

A marriage is most definitely a reason to celebrate! We can offer a separate service to help you to organise your personal celebration, whether it's for an intimate gathering or a larger party. You may also wish to have a further symbolic wedding ceremony at the location of your choice. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Your Legal Civil Marriage in Corfu £1495.00 including UK or Corfu meeting

Additional services for your tailor made celebration might include...