Symbolic Ceremonies

A symbolic ceremony is a very personal, meaningful and happy event and is unique to you as a couple! It could be a wedding blessing, a repeat wedding ceremony, the renewal of vows, a commitment ceremony or the naming of your baby. It’s a celebration of your love and dedication to each other. Your special day can reflect you, your commitment and all the things that you hold most dear.

It has become quite accepted to have a symbolic ceremony quite separate from a formal, standard ceremony where the legalities are completed.

Your Corfu symbolic ceremony is created and conducted by professional Marriage and Family Celebrant Sally Jane Peacock. She is caring, empathetic and is the most open minded person, respecting all relationships and cultures.

The style can be relaxed, informal, more classically traditional or a combination to suit you. It can be held at almost any location and on the day and time of your choosing. So, if your dream location is a romantic sunset, with candles under the stars, on a hilltop beneath ancient olive trees or by the clear Ionian Sea, it is ideal for you. Your personal ceremony can be intimate and private or it can be shared with as many as you wish!

Celebrants are not affiliated to any religion. However, symbolic ceremonies can include cultural aspects, elements of religion or spirituality if desired. These ceremonies are not legally recognised, rather they are a personal acknowledgement and statement of your love.

Your Symbolic Ceremony in Corfu £795.00 including UK or Corfu meeting

Created and conducted by professional Marriage and Family Celebrant, Sally Jane Peacock

Additional services for your tailor made celebration might include...